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Join the Medway fair trader scheme

Medway Fair Trader schemeJoin the Medway Fair Trader scheme and give your customers peace of mind that they are choosing a business accredited by Medway Trading Standards. 

The scheme:

  • promotes you as a Fair Trader on the Medway fair trader scheme list and on Medway.gov.uk
  • gives you a directory listing with a link to your website
  • offers potential for increased business, with consumers encouraged to use local traders
  • gives independent recognition of a business by Medway Trading Standards
  • provides a Medway fair trader scheme membership certificate and logo to use for display and marketing
  • offers pre-entry vetting to make sure you meets the scheme’s standards
  • gives the opportunity to establish a relationship with Trading Standards based on co-operation rather than enforcement. As a member you will have a named contact from Trading Standards and can obtain information on consumer civil law and legislation enforced by the Service
  • can assist with staff training where resources permit

Read the terms of membership (pdf 81KB)
Apply to join the Medway Fair Trader Scheme

Membership fees

The fee is based on the turnover of the business at the same threshold as VAT. The membership fee for a small, non VAT registered, businesses is £125 + VAT. Larger, VAT registered businesses are charged at £200 + VAT.

There is a non-refundable charge of £83.34 + VAT which is payable at the time of application to cover the costs of the various background checks and audit process. This amount will be deducted from your first years membership fee if you are successful in gaining accreditation.

These fees are subject to periodic review.

The application process

  • We will acknowledge application requests within 7 working days of receipt
  • Assessments involve an inspection of the business premises, procedures, documents and products
  • Any business that does not meet the terms and conditions of the scheme may not be eligible to join it, unless willing to make changes to meet criteria within an agreed period

To assess the applicant's suitability to join the scheme, we may:

  • require customer details to seek references for the business
  • carry out criminal record and/or County Court judgement checks
  • check against any previous consumers' complaints about a business

For further information send your enquiry to the Fair Trader team.