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Consumer advice

Medway Council's Trading Standards Team offers Medway consumers legal advice on their rights when purchasing goods or services.

If you would like to talk to an advisor about a consumer problem, phone Consumer Direct on 0845 4040506 or complain at CAB Adviceguide.

Requests for consumer advice from Medway are dealt with by Consumer Direct South East, which is delivered in partnership with trading standards authorities across the south-east. Complex enquiries or those requiring further action may be referred to the council's Trading Standards Team.

Consumer complaints

Calls from consumers provide the Trading Standards Team with valuable information about Medway retailers and helps it plan enforcement campaigns that target rogue traders and specific problem areas.

Contact the team on 01634 333555 if, for example, you are concerned that a shop:

  • is selling out-of-date food or drink
  • is not selling the full weight of a product as advertised on the package
  • has sold you a product that does not meet current safety regulations.

Poor service

The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982  (as amended) states that you are entitled to have any contract for services carried out with "reasonable care and skill". Any goods provided as part of that service should also be of "satisfactory quality". For more information on your legal rights, please contact the team or visit the Trading Standards website.  


If you bought goods which are not faulty or misdescribed, there is no breach of contract between you and the trader and you do not have a right to expect a refund. Some stores will allow customers to return goods if they do not fit but this is over and above the customer service they are obliged in law to provide. Make sure that you ask the trader before buying if you can get your money back if the jeans do not fit. If the trader is willing to offer you this service, get them to put it in writing on your receipt.

Many businesses ask for proof of purchase when you take goods back to a shop for a refund, exchange or repair. If you have not been given a receipt or have lost it, a bank or credit card statement indicating the date of purchase and price of the goods will often suffice.